Seth Godin on “Bait and Switch” and what the airlines find themselves doing to themselves


> …a key lesson from Disney:

> When there is both pain and pleasure associated with

> your service, work extremely hard to separate them by

> time and geography


> Disney charges a fortune for the

> theme park, but they do it a week before you get there,

> or at a booth far far away from the rides. By the time

> you get to the rides, you’re over it. The pain isn’t

> associated with the fun part.

> Airlines, on the other hand, surround the very thing they

> sell (getting you home) with armed guards, untrained

> TSA agents, long lines and sneering gate agents eager

> to take your money when you have absolutely no

> expectation or choice and when your stress is at its

> highest. This is a problem in the long run.


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