The Last Viridian Note


I didn’t manage to keep up with Bruce’s notes, and can’t quite believe that it’s been a decade. The last note covers something close to my own heart, having lived out of a suitcase in 13 countries for about a year (and not for a month each, rather for a few days each a dozen times over).

I’ve already gone through the process of stripping the contents of my notebook bag to a vital set of tools plus a single “emotionally important” object, reducing whatever I can to data, etc. I saw it in terms of reducing the weight that I had to tote from ‘plane to hotel to office to office to office to office to ‘plane; Bruce extends the idea to the things that one spends time curating in one’s living and working spaces. Voluntary simplicity with a pragmatic outlook. I like it.

I’d love to read a decade’s worth of Viridian backlog, but suspect that I’ll never make the time…

20090311 UPDATE: s/and quite believe/and can’t quite believe/


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