Using Gmail as an OpenID Provider


What were they smoking when they thought this up?

(Perhaps marketing people saw it as a means to get Google logos alongside other logos that tend to appear beside OpenID? Most un-Google.)



4 Responses to “Using Gmail as an OpenID Provider”

  1. Margaret Colville Says:

    There are some other odd things about Google’s OpenID implementation, as well. Most of them are things I’ve heard from Stack Overflow (and, really, the same complaint over and over again) – an example is this:

  2. Roland Turner Says:

    Ah, I’m obviously becoming less paranoid, Google has fixed an unintended-disclosure risk that I hadn’t even considered.

    (Look at it from Google’s point of view; they really _don’t_ want conspiring RPs to be able to correlate activities across “realms”.)

  3. Margaret Colville Says:


  4. mytechcrush Says:


    […]Using Gmail as an OpenID Provider « Raz’s Blog[…]…

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