Makerbot CupCake CNC Batch #12 dispatched


In February I arranged a group to buy one of Makerbot’s CupCake CNCs for HackerspaceSG. Months later, the delays brought about by Makerbot‘s burgeoning success have finally passed and batch #12 has been shipped!

In fact ours was shipped a few days ago; now for another wait as it wends its way across the planet to Singapore…


2 Responses to “Makerbot CupCake CNC Batch #12 dispatched”

  1. Ali Zaheer Says:


    Was just going through your blog,

    Well we had imported the kits for CupCake CNC and have it at our Singapore office.

    We needed help assembling it. Would you or anyone of your friends could help us with the same itd be really helpful.

    Look forward to your reply

    Ali Zaheer

  2. Roland Turner Says:

    (Conversation with Ali continued in the Red Dot Makerbot Operators Group)

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