Java idiom for removing suffixes


Just because I keep finding myself writing this snippet of code to convince myself that have it correct (error checking not included…):

String full = "/some/where.mail";
String suffix = ".mail";

String prefix = full.substring(0, full.indexOf(suffix));

assert prefix.equals("/some/where");

2 Responses to “Java idiom for removing suffixes”

  1. Matthijs Kooijman Says:

    I don’t think that snippet is correct: When String full = “/some.mail/where.mail”; it will strip too much?

  2. Roland Turner Says:

    That is certainly true. There are also other issues around (at least) the full string being null, the suffix being null, or the suffix not appearing in the full string.

    The point of the snippet was more about avoiding an off-by-on-error (do I take the index and add one, subtract one, or use it as-is?) than about a comprehensive solution.

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