OCBC account numbers


Just because I’ve managed to get myself snagged on this again while setting up a PayPal account: OCBC’s 12 digit account numbers don’t include the “bank code”, only the branch code (yes, many other banks do this too..), so:

Account: 123456789012


Bank: 7339
Branch: 123
Account: 456789012

3 Responses to “OCBC account numbers”

  1. mark Says:

    Thanks for posting this info on your blog. It is really frustrating that OCBC doesn’t have this information easily available on their own website and I have to find a third party blog such as yours to be able to figure it out :\

    Thanks for helping humanity!

  2. Roland Turner Says:

    My pleasure!

    Thanks for commenting. Most of my blog posts are simple solutions to fiddly problems that presumably someone else is going to have too; it’s always a pleasure to know that something that I’ve posted has actually helped.

  3. AK Says:

    Thanks Roland. The person whom I was transferring had told me only Yishun Northpoint. But Yishun has differet branch code (530) and North point has diffferent ( infact a few different numbers with in Northpoint). Your information helped me to figure out the branch correctly! Keep it up…

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